Performances at Mary MacKillop place

See Blue Whale Theatre's production Mary - A Story of Courage for one week of special performances at Mary Mackillop place, North Sydney. Oct 29th - Nov 2nd 2018!

Blue Whale Theatre Performance on the life of Saint Mary MacKillop

From Oct 29th - Nov 2nd 2018 Blue Whale Theatre and The Sisters of St Joseph would like to welcome both Primary and Secondary school groups to view Blue Whale Theatre's production Mary - A Story of Courage at Mary MacKillop Place - the final resting place of Saint Mary Mackillop.

Mary - A Story of Courage

Mary - A Story of Courage tells Mary's tale in three short acts: the childhood influences in her youth, her pivotal experiences and achievements in early adulthood, and finally her later life and the legacy she left behind.

A Blue Whale Theatre production for students on the life of Saint Mary MacKillop

Available in three different versions for different age groups

Primary School 

Years 3 - 6 - 1 hour 15 mins (including performance, workshops and Q&A with the actors after the show)

Kindergarten to Year 2 - A special adapted version of the performance lasting 45 minutes (including performance and workshop/ Q & A)

Small Primary School? Please enquire with Blue Whale Theatre about their special performance available for the whole school!

Secondary School 

Years 7, 8 and 9 - 1 hour 15/ 30 mins (including performance, workshops and Q&A with the actors after the show)



 $14.50 per student

For a package day trip out include a visit to the Museum - $6  per student*

*All museum visits to be booked directly through Mary Mackillop Place. Contact: Events and Booking Coordinator on 02 8912 4814 or email

After each section the audience are invited to ask the actor playing Mary MacKillop questions, in a 'hot seating session' facilitated by another actor. These 5-minute Q&A sessions give children the opportunity to interact with Mary in character, and ask  personal or historical questions about what they have seen. 

The Workshops

Interactive workshops between each section of the play allow students to ask Mary questions about her life, choices and decisions. Image credit: Lena Buchanan | Digital Communications Coordinator. Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College. 2016

"An incredible production! A must see for schools (and big kids alike!) You personified your roles so well and truly captured the life of one courageous woman! Congratulations to you all.” 

Anne- Marie Gallagher Education Officer , Mary MacKillop Place, North Sydney. Feb 2018